Saturday, October 21, 2006

Whereby I Create A Model For A Pointless Post

This morning around 4 I was awakened by Much Screaming And Wailing On The Part Of The Child, so I jumped out of bed and ran to the stairs. Before I could get past the landing, Alex started walking down the stairs to me, arms outstretched, breath ragged, tears flowing, and all he could manage to say was, "Mama? I'm wet."

Which is officially the World's Greatest Understatement. I know because in between all the clothes changing and sheet changing I logged on to the interweb and typed in those very words and won the 2006 World's Greatest Understatement Contest.

Okay. Maybe not.

But the child wasn't kidding about the wet thing.

He was soaked from his neck to his toes, and I have no idea how so much fluid could come out of One So Small, but if measurements had been available, I feel quite certain it would have been a gallon's worth. Plus or minus a quart.

So I pulled his clothes off of him, found some clean underwear and pajamas in the dryer, and then had to venture back upstairs to get his Froggy and Monkey who gratefully were spared the middle of the night baptism. Well, I guess technically they WERE baptized if they're Methodist or Episcopalian, because they had definitely been sprinkled.

But the Baptists would never count that.

OH I kid because I'm exhausted. I know that stuffed animals can't be baptized.

Especially not with tee-tee.

And then there's that pesky business about how they don't have a soul and all, so they're not so big on the repentance thing.


I need to straighten up the house a bit before I hit the road and head to my cousin's baby shower.

And, you know, get dressed.

Have a lovely Saturday.


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