Sunday, October 15, 2006

Coffee Talk

So a few weeks ago I got a lovely package in the mail, and the package was instantly deemed Even Lovelier by yours truly when I realized that it contained large quantities of coffee for my perusal, consumption, and review.

I haven't posted any sort of policy regarding product reviews on my blog, but just in case there's any confusion I'll say this: I'm going to be honest. I'm sure I would get way more free stuff if I clapped my hands and squealed with glee over every single product I receive, but that would be selling out, and I am not selling out OH NO MA'AM I'm not.

Unless it's for a reallllly good price. And then we'll talk.


Oh, yes, the coffee.

I'm a pretty picky coffee drinker; in fact, when David and I first moved to Alabama, I ordered our coffee from Baton Rouge because no store here carried the brand we liked. I like really strong, flavorful coffee, which is why I have not had a cup of coffee at my mother-in-law's house in almost five years because while she's a perfectly lovely person her "coffee" is actually more like "hot beige water." And it's not tasty. You can try to pretend like it is because you wouldn't want to be rude, of course, but the grimace on your face will tell the true tale. It's bad.

Anyway, the coffee that the Large Marketing Organization sent me was the new Folger's Gourmet Selections, which I've actually seen on the shelf in Target. They sent me three flavors: Lively Columbian (which is a far better name than Lethargic Columbian or Morose Columbian, I might add), Vanilla Biscotti, and Morning Cafe'.

I had a mixed reaction to the Lively had a nice flavor when I made a milder pot of coffee, but in the mornings, when I want some really strong coffee and add an extra tablespoon to the filter basket, I found that the Lively Columbian was, incidentally, a very Bitter Columbian. David didn't care for this variety at all and kept asking me if we could go back to our regular brand. So it wasn't really a hit in terms of taste, but it was free, so I'm not complaining.

As for Vanilla Biscotti...I have an aversion to flavored coffees because I find that they have an annoying aftertaste and also 'infiltrate' my next few pots of regular coffee with leftover oils or scents or whatnot. So David was the sole participant in reviewing this flavor, and he actually liked it. He said it didn't have a strong aftertaste, and it didn't taste oily (another one of my complaints about flavored coffees). So, if you like a little flava in your coffee, this would probably be a good one to serve to company or to have as "dessert" on a chilly fall night.

My favorite of the bunch was Morning Cafe'. Even though it isn't as strong as the Lively Columbian, it doesn't get bitter if you try to make a stout pot of coffee that'll make your eyes snap to attention at 6 in the morning. It has a mild but really pleasant flavor, and of the three it's the one that I would buy again. I'll be having some tomorrow morning, in fact - and I'll raise my mug in a toast to my interpeeps before I take the first sip (as a thank you for reading my blog even when I'm reviewing Free Product).

And if you'd like to try a sample for yourself, click here - it's free!


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