Monday, October 09, 2006

Because I Like Me Some Free Stuff

And now, an announcement:

Consumers can write into Reynolds Fun Shapes and explain why their bake sale needs “shaping up” for a chance to win a FunShapes “Shape Up Your Bake Sale” kit. Reynolds will be giving away sixty of these kits each week for six weeks starting September 22, 2006. Each kit includes a variety of FunShapes samples, a CD-rom with tips, recipes and signage for hosting a successful bake sale, a FunShapes tablecloth and a FunShapes calculator for quick tallies of customers’ bills. In addition, the “Shape Up Your Bake Sale” kits will include a disposable camera and entry information for an exclusive photo contest, with a chance to win a $500 donation to their organization from Reynolds FunShapes Baking Cups.

I believe y'all are what marketing people would call the "target demographic" for Reynolds products, and since they've very nicely offered to send me a FunShapes kit free of charge, I thought I'd share this info with you.


Happy Baking!


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