Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hola Interpeeps

I have tons to talk about - "The Bachelor" (I'm with Big Mama - the ABC folks hauled in a whole new level of crazy for this season), the realtor caravan, the fancy new Lifeway store where Alex and I hung out this morning while the realtors were here, and the unsurpassed customer service I received from our insurance company when dealing with the claim for the unfortunate deer incident (seriously - it was like I was checking into a fancy hotel or something).

But our internet has been down since about 10:30 this morning (no email! I know! and I didn't even get the shakes!), and now my husband is home, and I really just want to hang out and watch "Dancing With The Stars" and make David watch a portion of "The Bachelor" where the girl who consumed too many adult beverages on the beach group date wakes up from her "nap" and tries to talk.

I never claimed to be highbrow, people.

Also, I want to start a new Bible study...I can't jump in with anything at my church because of my schedule, so does anyone have a suggestion? I haven't been in an intensive study since I did Living Beyond Yourself last spring, and I can feel it. Big time. I seem to be more consistent with Bible study when I'm doing something with daily "homework" - so let me know if you have any ideas.

Fascinating post, huh?

Please forgive. Family beckons.

Back tomorrow.


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