Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My Exotic Christmas Vacation

Right after Christmas, my sister and her hubby went on a FAAAABulous ski trip, as they do almost every year. I should explain that they are two of the nicest people alive, so you can’t help but be happy for them as they travel hither, there and yon. They love to travel, they travel often, and they travel well. Very, very well.

Before each trip, Sister always sends us an itinerary with their flight numbers, daily schedule, hotel addresses and phone numbers, etc. I always file them away In Case of Emergency and all that.

This fabulous ski trip itinerary, though, really reminded me of the contrast between our life and their life. They have season passes for professional hockey games, whereas we have a season pass for “Jack’s Big Music Show” on our TiVo. They go to Keystone. We go to Cold Stone Creamery. They are rested, refreshed and ready for whatever life has to offer, like a couple in a Mentos ad or something. David and I, on the other hand, are exhausted and desperate for a getaway (this thing you call "relaxing." Now, what is that, exactly? It does sound fascinating. We might like to try it).

Opposite ends-o-the-spectrum, we are. :-)

So this was my reply to Sister's itinerary for her fabu ski trip:

My Itinerary
Thursday 12/29/05

Brook Highland Shopping Center, Birmingham
Children's Section, Thomas the Train display
Re-stocking of shelves as Alex pulls books down, then runs furiously.

Mexicali Restaurant
Brook Highland Shopping Center, Birmingham
Choppy conversation with NK interspersed with:
"Want some chips?"
"Don't take the straw out of the cup!"
and finally, "SIT DOWN, Alex - you have to SIT DOWN."

My House, Greater Birmingham
Try not to go into comatose stupor from repetition of Veggie Tales' "Lord of the Beans" and Sesame Street's "Elmo: Babies, Dogs and More."
Trip over toys walking from any given point to any other point.
Cocoon on sofa at 8:00 pm with multiple episodes of "House Hunters" and "Paula's Home Cooking."

Paradise. :-)


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