Monday, January 23, 2006

BooDaddy's Special Day

Alex likes this one episode of "Blue's Clues" where Joe celebrates his birthday. He watches it and screams "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARTY" at the television - he loves seeing the presents, the cake, the balloons, the whole shebang. I'll stop for a moment while you sing the Ricky Martin song that no doubt popped in your head as a result of the last word in the previous sentence.

Give it your best William Hung, my friends.

Anyway, I think today is going to be particularly exciting for Alex, because we have a little celebrating to do at our house. You see, thirty-six years ago today, my babydaddy was born.

This birthday is going to be especially memorable because David is spending the afternoon with his surgeon! For his gallbladder surgery consultation! Oh, the joy he must that is doubled by the fact that he can't eat cake. Or icing. Or those donuts from The Donut Hole in Destin that he's been talking about for four days straight (no kidding - FOUR DAYS).

I feel very blessed that, 8 1/2 years into our marriage, D. and I still like each other. We've worked hard to keep it that way. OH LORD have we worked to keep it that way. :-) It might not sound like much of an accomplishment, but all you married peeps know that the liking is, most of the time, waaaaay more difficult than the loving.

There are some couples who claim that marriage is an effortless, breezy adventure filled with only sunshine and rainbows. We are not one of those couples. But somehow, when problems come along, we hunker down, we argue, we talk it out, and we work through it. Then we laugh. That's the one constant - the laughing. And God. Sorry, God - you should definitely get credit before laughter. You did invent it, after all.

I'm really proud of David. He will cringe when he reads that - he will beg me to delete it - but it's staying and he can't change it because he doesn't know the BooMama password. :-) There are lots of reasons why I'm so proud, most of them too personal to talk about, especially on a blog called BooMama, because that title just reeks of thoughtful prose, doesn't it? But one thing I must mention is that David is an unbelievable father...he gives Alex his time and his heart and his wisdom...and they adore each other. Right now Alex doesn't understand how blessed he is to have the father he has, but one day he will - and he will be beyond grateful to have David in his life.

I know I am.

Happy Birthday, BooDaddy!

We love you.


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