Friday, January 20, 2006

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Because D. is under the weather, and because I have a HUGE ENORMOUS TON of work to do this weekend - work that I can't do from home - Alex and I are about to head to T'loosa to meet Mama and Daddy and then bring Mama back here to B'ham for a couple of days.

This visit was a complete desperation cry on my part. When I started to think about the deadlines I have next week, and the fact that D. isn't in prime babysitting shape, and the fact that OH SWEET GOODNESS THERE'S NOT ENOUGH TIME THERE WILL NEVER EVER BE ENOUGH TIME, I called Mama to see if she was free for the weekend. Thankfully, she is, so Alex is in for a big weekend-o-fun.

I may even see if she wants to write a guest post. If she does, it will be A Moment For The Ages, because computers and Mama are not, as it were, "tight."

About a year ago David and and my brother-in-law (affectionately known as "Barro") would often meet up on XBox Live and play Halo. Oh, the fun they had. Anyway, one night I was talking to Mama on the phone, and she said, "Well, what's David doing?"

"He's in the basement playing XBox with Barro," I replied.

[Excitedly] "Oh, I didn't know Barry was there for a visit!"

"No, Mama, he's in Nashville. They just have this thing where they can play video games with each other over the internet."




Finally..."NOW, I can't even wrap my head around that. They're playing video games? Over the internet? From separate cities? I just can't believe that. And here I sit, not even knowing how to turn on the email."

You can see why Mama doing a little blog-posting might be outside her comfort zone.

So I'm sure we'll have updates at some point this weekend.

But you know one thing we won't have?



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