Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I mentioned earlier that I had broken the internet. For some reason, I can't access the site meter...the thing that shows me the map of the US with the pretty red dots that indicate someone in or around a certain city has read something. It also shows what internet providers have accessed the site, but that means about as much to me as &*#O#IHJ#Y@*O does. In other words, nothing at all.

I cannot tell you the level of the anxiety I am feeling. Reading the blog is your connection to me - but the site meter is my connection to you. It's almost like all my friends are meeting somewhere, and I know they're there, but I can't get to them because I'm stuck in traffic. Kind of like the time Merritt and family came to B'ham, and we were going to meet them at PF Chang's, but it took us almost an hour to drive 1/2 mile on 280, and I had to call and tell her that we couldn't make it. Not because we had other plans, but because we literally couldn't get from point A to point B. Only this time point A is BooMama, and point B is the site meter, and instead of 280 it's this internet information superhighway that we all know Al Gore invented. :-)


My reaction to this site meter thing makes me feel like in about a month, I'm going to walk in the door, and David and several friends and family members will sit me down, take the computer away from me, and say, "It's about time you face the facts: you have a problem, and we're here to help you get better."

Is there a site meter detox facility? Can I make crafts and ride horses while I'm there? Can I put on a play like Sandra Bullock did in "28 Days"?

Off to drown my troubles in "American Idol."

Bad singing never, ever disappoints. Even when the site meter has failed you.


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