Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Aw, We Rollin'

A photo update from yet another daily adventure with The Child Who Enjoys All The Nature.

Strolling is apparently much more enjoyable if you twist your body in such a fashion that you can watch your mama the entire time. And when you're not looking up at your mama through the clear plastic panel, it's also very enjoyable to say things like, "THIS WAY THIS WAY WANNA GO THIS WAY" and "NO WANT TO STROLL, MAMA" and "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" and then some noise that's not translatable into letters or words but that sounds sort of like a rooster who has smoked for many, many years.

Anyway, when we made it back to our street, Boo experienced the most thrilling part of his day.

Yes, he visited his good friend Manhole Cover. However, he did take a moment from his jumping to carefully examine the grass. He is pointing out some of the more fascinating aspects of photosynthesis in action, as you can well imagine. The wonders of photosynthesis only held his attention for, oh, 10 seconds, so we moved on to our next stop.

This is the house behind ours. It's been under construction - no kidding - for over two years. I can't even begin to describe it - that's another post altogether - but for the time being, Alex loves to walk through all the big empty rooms and scream loudly. He is but a small speck in the photo because he got so far ahead of me in his mad dash to go inside. After several laps around the outside and trips through the inside, it was almost time to come home.

But not before the dogs walked over and built Alex a campfire. Oh, that Maggie and Ally - they are SO industrious. Even sang some campfire songs. You would not BELIEVE how Ally can harmonize on "Kum Ba Yah." I'm telling you - chills.

I'll spare y'all the pictures I could take if I continued to chronicle our evening: The Changing of the Diaper, The Screaming at the Bedtime, and The Collapsing of the Parents.

But he's a cute little thing, isn't he? :-)


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