Friday, February 24, 2006

Do Y'all Think She Heard This Word From Les?

An excerpt from an email I got from Merritt last night:

"Well, I'll be watching Survivor tonight at 7. Now that's MY kinda show. The kids and S. love it, too. I've also been watching Survivor All-Stars reruns marathon on the OLN. Oh, I've been enjoying that every night for several hours. That was the whole Amber/Rob love affair fantango [emphasis mine]. They did end up getting married. Of course they'll divorce as soon as the money runs out. I wish I could be on that show, but you know I"m not much into camping or doing without plumbing and food."

And that is why I love her.

Reprinted without permission - I guess she'll just have to sue me. Oh well. The laugh was worth it.


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