Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Idol Re-Cap: 10 Female Finalists

I thought I was going to be TV superwoman tonight and cover AI and The Amazing Race before I went to bed, but that is THREE and ONE HALF HOURS of television, so the Race will have to wait until tomorrow.

By the way, I'm blogging as I watch AI - I love me a laptop.

Katharine McPhee - Gorgeous, rich voice...but I think she needs to do something more up-tempo. This week was too much like last week's "Since I Fell For You." What I do like so much about her is that she's subtle...not trying to win a screaming contest. Most puzzling? Her wardrobe - pedal pushers and a maternity-ish top.
Kinnik Sky - Odd choice of a Gretchen Wilson song - plus, she still sounds like a Miss Florida contestant. I think the most telling detail is that she'd been singing for about 30 seconds when I asked David, "What's her name again?" She just looked like someone who was out for a night at the karaoke bar. Excellent call by Simon that it was "a theme park performance."
Lisa Tucker - Gosh she's poised for a 16 year old. I guess my problem is that I can't stand the kind of song she sang (I am not, in general, a fan of R&B unless Ike and Tina are involved). In terms of performance, she seemed decidedly average.
Melissa McGhee - Much to my surprise, though she's not great, she's the best of the first four tonight. I think the sassy Reba tune suited her. (I'm listening to Randy right now, who seems to agree with me). All that being said, she seems more like a lounge singer than a star. (By the way, David and I are sick of Paula interrupting Simon all the time. It's rude.)
Heather Cox - Mariah Carey's "Hero." Her performance would be perfect for the end-of-year show choir showcase at your local high school. I'm a little puzzled as to why she's even in this competition. She's not a very, um, strong singer. Next to go, I predict. (Hey, they've split up Paula and Simon - literally changed Paula's seat.)
Brenna Gether - I hate hate hate the song "Last Dance." HATE IT. Couple that with the fact that the person singing it tonight is terribly unlikeable (but yet seems to think she's funny), and I'm bored before she even starts to sing. She does sound better than last week, but she's just so incredibly unpleasant that I'm ready for her to leave.
Paris Bennett - "Wind Beneath My Wings"?!?!? So very Beaches of her. Y'all, this song is not just tired - it's exhausted, and someone needs to put it out of its misery. So I really don't care how Paris sounds (which is just "aight," for the record), because I DESPISE THIS SONG WITH EVERYTHING IN ME. WHY OH WHY would someone voluntarily sing it? (As it turns out, because her great-grandmother likes it - which speaks volumes. Volumes.)
Ayla Brown - Okay, she's a little too earnest for me. She's singing some Celine Dion song, but I don't care, because once again - SHOW CHOIR. The song is called "I Want You To Need Me" - and David just said it best: "Well, we don't, Ayla."
Kellie (Dawn) Pickler - "Let's Give Them Something To Talk About" - perfect song for her. Sort of country, lots of attitude. First person all night who has made my foot tap a little bit. I said it last week - she's just so easy to like that it makes you root for her. She's about THIS big - adorable. Her hair is really cute, too. I like her. I've decided that she's a Southern Elle Woods. "Pick Pickler," y'all. "Pick Pickler!"
Mandisa - "Cry" by Faith Hill - and girl, she gave it some ATT-I-TUDE. I love that it doesn't sound like Faith's version - it sounds sassier and earthier. Best of the night - no doubt about it. I LOVE HER.

All in all - a disappointing night. I felt like I was watching a talent show on a cruise ship - nobody came across as a legitimate performer, except maybe Mandisa. Hope the guys fare better tomorrow night.

Should go:
Heather Cox and Brenna Gether
Will go: Heather Cox and Kinnik Sky
Wednesday night: Guys' top 10 - go, Taylor!


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