Thursday, April 06, 2006

Before I Go To Bed

I think Sister is right...lack of sleep has dulled my descriptive abilities. So I'm headed for the bed in just a second.

But I did want to quickly tell you what a goob I am. GOOB. GOOOOOOOOB.

My oldest friend in the world, Laura, called tonight to run some menu ideas past me for a little soiree' she's having this weekend. She told me that she was thinking about doing pork tenderloin but what sides should she do and yes, she loves sweet potatoes but her hubby, not so much, and we were essentially just shooting the foodie breeze.

So when we happened upon the subject of salads, she mentioned that her husband likes spinach salad, and I said....

I said....

I said, "Oh! There's a recipe for that on my website.

On my WHAT?


Like I'm Google or something.

Like I'm some food "consultant" who provides all pertinent client information and price quotes on a custom-designed webpage.

Like I've taken the words "BooMama" and crafted them into a straightforward yet symbolic logo, something that will grow my brand and look great on my new line of herbs that come in tins and my special seasoning blends that come in a bottle with my picture on the label. You know me - I'm all about the merchandising.

I immediately died laughing and said, "DID YOU HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID?" We were very tickled.

Because a more accurate sentence would have been, "Oh! There's a recipe for that on the Blogger McTemplate where I bore the living fire out of my tens of readers with vague descriptions, mixed metaphors, and lame puns. Stop by! You'll feel a detached ambivalence about everything you read!"

After I got off of the phone, I told David what I said, and he shook his head and replied, "You. Are such a nerd."

I am, y'all. I really am.

But thanks for stopping by "my website" anyway. I hope all the fancy graphics and interactive features aren't too much of a distraction from all the astoundingly average writing.


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