Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Have The Most Exciting News

No, I'm not pregnant.

But it's just as good! Okay, not quite as good. But still, REALLY good!

I had just started a post asking if one of you would please do something funny so that I could write about it, because I was so desperate for writing material that I needed your help.

But my husband rescued me.

You see, he has a meeting next Tuesday in Mississippi. And since we're from Mississippi, he's going to take Alex with him so that they can go see all the grandparents for a couple of days.

And you're thinking, "oh, yay, good for you, your little boy is getting to see his grandparents. yay."

And I'm thinking, "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?"


I will be by myself. For a whole night. In my house. Without anyone else here.

For the record, I have not been alone in my house since 2003. Since TWO THOUSAND AND THREE.

I feel somewhat guilty about the level of joy (volume of joy? what in fact is the official unit of joy measurement?) that is stirring deep down in my soul. And it's not that I don't love living with David and Alex. It's not that at all. It's just that I haven't been by myself in, you know, three years.

(For those of you who don't know, my husband works out of our house, so he is almost always here, and even when he's not, Alex is, because he's just three and, well, he can't drive yet.)

So if you were me - home alone for the first time in three years - what would you do? I don't even know where to begin with my plans, but I feel plans are of the essence because if I'm not careful, I will do nothing but sit on the edge of the couch for 24 hours, murmuring to myself, "I am all alone. I am all alone. I am all alone." And the murmuring would of course be interrupted by squeals of delight.



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