Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's Hard To Post When You Have Nothing To Say

For the first time in a sweet forever, I skipped a day of posting. Permit me to explain.

It's been a festival of birthday parties around here this weekend. Friday afternoon we had a party for a little boy in Alex's Sunday School class, and yesterday we had a party for an adorable little girl in his Mother's Day Out class. Our child obviously inherited a socialization gene from one of his uncles, because he doesn't want to miss ANYONE'S party. He did NOT get that trait from his daddy or from me.

I've written before about why kids' birthday parties are no fun to me, and there's really no need to beat that horse again because, as I have said, the parties are not in fact for my enjoyment. And this weekend's parties were actually very laid-back and casual - really sweet parents, very sweet children.

Yesterday's party was at a park in a huge "golf community" about 15 minutes away, and I realized about five minutes into the festivities that everybody at the party, except us, actually lived in that very neighborhood, which meant there was much talk of cul-de-sacs and bus routes and contractors and new street names to which we could not even begin to relate. Over the last couple of years David and I have actually bandied about the idea moving there, but the property taxes are outrageous, and since Alex will be at a Christian school and not using the school district that this neighborhood helps fund, it just seems silly for us to pour a ton of money into a district we'll never use. Plus, houses there are a little, um, high, and we do enjoy, you know, sleeping at night, free from the financial fear that we're not going to be able to pay our house note.

In other words, we're not moving there.

Which is all a long-winded way of saying that yesterday we were tied up with Alex's stuff until early afternoon, and I watched two Tivo'd episodes of "24" while Alex took his nap, and then A. "helped" me with supper ("Mama! I want some more shakey-shake-shake!" - which means more of some form of seasoning), and then I did much reading on the computer but never finished a blog post. I even looked for some funny video or something to entertain you, but the proverbial writing well was dry as a bone.

By the way, my husband CRACKED ME UP yesterday when we climbed in the car after the birthday party and were discussing the booming real estate market on this side of Birmingham. David and I live in a nice neighborhood, but it's about 10 minutes off of the beaten path, which inevitably leads to people coming to our house for the first time and saying, "How in the world did you ever FIND this place?" And of course there's nothing fancy about our is what I like to call "Suburban House Product." Anyway, David said that at the party it was all he could do to not interrupt all the talk of wrought-iron gates and countertop upgrades and property values and say, "Hey. So do y'all like to BURN things in this neighborhood? Because where we live we have an empty lot beside us, and I really like to BURN things down there. Shoot, one time I took an old sofa, and stuck some newspaper up in it, and lit it, and it burned in about 5 minutes. It did! Everything 'cept the SPRINGS, of course."

Think that would have caused a slight lull in the conversation? :-)

I'm going to try to straighten up the house a little before A. wakes up from his nap - but I'll be back later tonight. Promise.


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