Monday, April 17, 2006

Ya Down With OCD? (Yeah, You Know Me)

I've mentioned a couple of times that I am slightly - slightly - obsessive compulsive. It's not that I check our locks 15 consecutive times before I'm able to sleep at night - not that there's anything wrong with that - but I'm quirky. Control-freaky. I actually prefer the term "eccentric," but you'll probably use the term "weird." And that too would apply.

As it turns out, Lauren just tagged me to do a post where I list six weird things about me. Since I have had absolutely no writing inspiration today, I am going to take her up on her kind offer. Plus, I now have to think of six other people to tag, and that'll give me something to do tonight besides just watching "24." So Lauren's actually done me a huge favor. :-)

And I'll just go ahead and warn you that six things aren't nearly enough, so vast is the prairieland of my weirdness.

With that stunning preface, I now give you a list: "BooMama's 11 Weird Things About Me."

(Alternate title: "Why I May Frighten You.")

1. I will only wash towels with towels. I do not believe that towels should be mixed in with clothes or - heaven forbid - sheets. Occasionally, in cases of extreme laundry emergency, I will wash socks with towels, but I don't like it, and I won't pretend that I do.

2. I do not like to cross-pollinate brands. So I would never, ever use Tide detergent and then Downy fabric softener and then Bounce fabric sheets. I shudder just thinking about it. In order for all of our laundry products to be in perfect accord, I use Gain detergent, Gain fabric softener, and Bounce - WITH GAIN - fabric sheets. This makes perfect sense to me.

3. I have to drink diet Coke over ice.

4. However, I prefer diet Mountain Dew out of a 20 oz. bottle. Not a can. And certainly not a 2-liter because that would require, you know, ice. Which completely goes against my diet Mountain Dew drinking principles, though it would be completely in accord with my diet Coke drinking principles.

5. When I get in the bed, I must be covered by at least a sheet and a comforter. I cannot sleep with just a sheet. Nor can I sleep with no cover at all. I prefer a sheet and a medium to heavy weight comforter. A bedspread doesn't count. That's just a second sheet, in my opinion.

6. When I check email, I must read all new messages at once. I cannot read a message, do something else, and then come back to the rest of the unread messages. That makes no sense to me. And if a message comes in while I'm sitting at the computer, I read it right away. I can't "ignore" it until I finish what I'm doing.

7. My lips are moisturized at all points in the day except when sleeping. But I hit 'em good before I go to sleep so that they're not too dry in the morning. And those of you who have known me for a long time know that I am terribly brand-loyal in my lip-moisturizing pursuits.

8. I always have lamps on. Always. But I can't stand overhead lights. There are SEVEN lamps in my den. They're evenly spaced so that I can turn on all the lamps and have every possible reading place illuminated.

9. I do not like bar soap, because it seems to me that after you use it once, it's dirty forever. Therefore, if you visit me, you will have a large array of liquid soap options from which to choose.

10. I've mentioned this to Diane, but it bears repeating. All bills in my wallet must be facing forward (and no upside down bills, either), ordered by denomination from greatest to least. And I cannot leave a store until I've turned all bills in the proper direction and put my money away. I've held up MANY a checkout line trying to get my wallet in order, believe you me. By the same token (pardon the pun), change must immediately go into the change compartment. I believe that I would twitch incessantly if I just tossed the change into my purse, all willy nilly and devil may care-like.

11. I am fundamentally opposed to two products: salad in a bag and pre-grated cheese.

Now I'm sure those of you who went to college with me are thinking, "Oh, you left one off the list! What about you and your magazines?" Because I had this thing in college that no one could touch my magazines or newspapers until I'd read them first. It was so bad that when I'd check out at Walmart and a clerk would casually THUMB THROUGH MY MAGAZINE as she rang up my merchandise, I would take the used magazine and swap it out for a fresh one.

However, for whatever reason, sharing periodicals no longer bothers me. I'll buy a magazine and VOLUNTARILY let you read it first, in fact.

Because I'm so much more laid-back now, as you can clearly tell.

p.s. I'm tagging Addie, Karin, Janna, Jennifer, Janice, Rachel and Faith. I've upped my list to seven because I figure at least one person has already been tagged. And of course all you non-bloggers can put your own lists in the comments. Or just make fun of my list. :-)

Finally, if any of you get my blog via a feed reader, I apologize - I have edited this post about 15 times. My brain's not cooperating with me tonight.


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