Saturday, April 15, 2006

No Rhyme, No Reason

First, if you're a LBY blogger looking for today's post, it's down the page just a little bit.

Second, I have been in the kitchen all morning getting food ready for a breakfast at church tomorrow morning. I made two huge sausage and egg casseroles, two gigantor batches of cheese grits (I'm about to post the recipe over on my recipe "website"), :-) and I need to get back in there in a second to slice all of my fruit. But after putting the SECOND load of dishes in the dishwasher, I had to take a few minutes to sit down and enjoy the fact that the kitchen is clean again, even if I'll be making a mess again within the hour.

Plus, I had to share this very important news: Alex went next door to play, and David is outside working in the yard. Do you know what that means? I AM INSIDE MY HOUSE BY MYSELF.

Perhaps you didn't hear me. I AM INSIDE MY HOUSE BY MYSELF. That has happened approximately three times in the last three years.

Since David works out of our house, he is home all the time. It's a wonderful advantage in terms of taking care of Alex, because we have flexibility that most people don't. And I really do enjoy that we get to see each other much more than most couples. But as someone who needs her "space" from time to time, I can get a little frustrated if I focus on the fact that I am NEVER ALONE.

It's shaping up to be a lovely afternoon as a result of the solitude, so I wanted to update you on a few things. I know - another "list" post - which is sort of a cop out, but you can't really expect for me to come up with a coherent narrative when I AM BY MYSELF...though oddly enough, I still have "Sesame Street" playing on the television. I don't even notice it anymore.

1. David has been picking up the picture of his mama, putting it in front of his face, and then imitating her voice. Which is kind of creepy. But very funny, especially when he says, "OH, you don't MEAN. You don't MEAN!" four or five times in a row.

2. Yesterday morning Alex was being pretty bossy when I was helping him get dressed, and he started saying, "No, Mama! You go OVER THERE!" I said, "Buddy, you cannot talk to me like that. I'm not going anywhere other than where I am."

And I looked up at David, who was fighting so hard not to laugh, and he said, "Yeah. You tell him, Mama. Because you are. Right where you are."

Then got a little tickled. So I followed up my previous kernel of wisdom with, "That's right. Because where I am is exactly where I'm going to be. If you're looking. Because I'm here."

It is fun to be such an excellent, insightful, articulate parent. I am obviously terribly gifted at providing pertinent on-the-spot instruction to my child.

3. Please keep Emma Kate in your prayers. She has had some persitent health problems for the last year and a half, and after a visit with her doctor earlier in the week, she learned that he wants to do something a little bit more invasive to try to determine what's going on with her. Emma Kate has unshakeable faith, and I know that she and her sweet hubby would appreciate your prayers as they seek God's guidance to help them make the very best decision for EK and their family. Pray for her doctors' wisdom, her family's peace, and for total healing, if that would be God's will.

4. Guess what Oprah talked about yesterday? HEALTH CARE! She actually talked about it indirectly...the focus of the show was how difficult it is to live in America on a minimum wage salary. I felt completely ignorant because I just assumed that at this point in time, minimum wage must be at least $7 or $8 a hour. But it's STILL $5.15. I had no idea. And a side effect of people working for minimum wage is that they can't afford health care. Needless to say, I was FIRED UP as I was cooking this morning. There is absolutely no way for people to get ahead when they have rent to pay, food to buy, and a trip to the doctor could set them back as much as $700 THAT THEY DON'T HAVE TO BEGIN WITH. AAAAAAAARGH.

However, I won't post anything about this particular issue right away - I actually want to do a little research to make sure I'm not just being reactive (as opposed to responsive). And I'm sure you're all breathing a collective sigh of relief as a result.

But I guess this means that Sister better get out her parasol and Bubba better book his flight...because my march on Washington can't be far behind. :-)

5. if you're an SEC football fan, this story will grab your attention. Logan Young is a household name in this part of the world because of his (oftentimes scandalous) ties to the University of Alabama football program, so the story of his unexpected death has been all over the news. There's something strange about the circumstances...I can't quite put my finger on it...but I have a feeling that Sister will be ON THE CASE after she reads a few news stories.

Hope y'all have a wonderful, restful Saturday...I'll check in later.


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