Friday, April 14, 2006

I Told You She's Festive!

So it's pretty much a perfect morning for Alex, what with a large "happy" from Sister and Barry waiting on him after breakfast.

He naturally went to the flashcards first because we're all math-y like that in our house. Ahem.

Then he discovered the card, which could not, COULD NOT be opened without singing the "We just got a letter" song from Blue's Clues.

Do you think he liked his new bunny ears?

See that watch? It's on his wrist now - and forever, it seems, so strong is his affection for the Bugs Bunny timepiece.

I took a picture of the basket before Alex opened it to show you all the COLOR-COORDINATED RIBBON, but there was too much of a glare on the plastic wrap. It all looked adorable, of course. I couldn't help but think that if I were the one sending out the festive Easter greetings, everything would all be crammed down into a box with a hastily written Post-It note on top. Sister, you see, is really good at the details.

Thanks, Easter Bunny Sister! The little man loves it all.


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