Saturday, May 06, 2006

Some Practical Matters Regarding The Child

LBY post is below if you have clicked over to read it.

Otherwise, here's what's going on with us and the toddler:

1. I'm fairly certain that there was not a single moment today - aside from a 35 minute catnap - when Alex was not talking. Or singing. As a result, David and I are sitting in our den with neither television nor music playing. SILENCE, blessed silence, how we've longed for thee. Maybe that should be a hymn.

2. For a thirty minute period tonight, Alex ran from the den to the kitchen to the den to the kitchen to the den to the kitchen (starting to see a pattern?), all the while trying to keep his feet in his daddy's Crocs as he sang, "Riding the range, riding the range, let's go, riding the range, YAHOO!" from The Backyardigans. And on "YAHOO!" he would fall down and kick the shoes off, die laughing, and then start the whole process over again. By about minute 17 of this endeavor, I'm fairly confident that I developed a nervous tic underneath my left eye that will remain with me for the rest of my earthly days.

3. Consider yourself warned. If you call me on the phone, Alex will want to talk to you. Sister, Daphne and Emma Kate will vouch for this. And when he talks to you, he will tell you hey, tell you what he just did and what he's doing next ("Hey Emma Cake. I'm goin' home. I just went to Publix and saw Blue's Clues book.") And then he will say, "I love you! Bye bye!" and hand the phone to me. It's one of those things that's cute to David and me, but I know it's really annoying to the people who have to listen to him, so I'll go ahead and apologize in advance. But it's either let the child talk on the phone, or listen to the child talk about how much he wants to talk on the phone while trying to have a conversation. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles.

4. Emma Kate (or as my daddy likes to call her, Ezra Kyle), her hubby, and several of their friends will be in church with us tomorrow morning. I AM SO EXCITED. We're having a big ole lunch afterwards at my friend Sandra's house (I've got pork tenderloins marinating right now, and I just made sweet potato casserole and cheese grits - and other people are bringing yummy stuff, too). I was reminding Alex earlier today that he's going to ride home with our neighbors tomorrow after church so that his daddy and I can go to lunch at Sandra's without having to worry about getting him home for his nap. After I "broke" the news to him, he looked at me for just a second and then said, "I get to play with Sarah? BYE BYE, Mama and Daddy!" So he's heartbroken, obviously.

5. Last night at our church? VEGGIE TALES! The little man was riveted...he sang and clapped and clapped and sang. And then screamed when the show was over. I'm fairly certain that he will be expecting to see Larry and Bob in the sanctuary again tomorrow morning. So it should be lots of fun to explain that they've left our church. FOR-EV-ER.

Hope y'all have a great Sunday.


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