Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Wanna Talk About Me Me Me Me

Addie tagged me for this little meme (because I overlook the obvious, I only recently figured out that these list thing-ys are called memes because they're all about me! me! me! me! me!).

I'm very grateful for the tag, by the way, because otherwise I would have nothing to say today.

So here you have it.

I am – a person who understands that my life is not my own.

I want – to raise Alex in such a way that he knows who he is and WHOSE he is. There is nothing I want more than for him to love the Lord and serve Him wholeheartedly.

I wish – I lived closer to my long-time friends, close enough to meet them for dinner or go walking with them after supper. Or skip the walking and sit at their kitchen tables and laugh. I do love it here in B’ham - but it would be so fun if we were all a little closer.

I hate – narrow-mindedness. It’s great to have an opinion, but it’s also important to listen to what other people have to say...and maybe even learn from them.

I miss – the sound of Alex’s laugh when he was about four months old. Nothing sweeter than that.

I hear – somebody calling for me, at least 489 times a day. Give or take a few.

I wonder – if I’ll have another baby.

I regret – that I didn’t get my master’s degree in counseling. But there’s still time! Look for me in a classroom near you once the child(ren?) is (are?) grown. Christian counseling is pulling at my heart…and it won’t let go.

I am not – laid-back. It grieves me to type that. OH I think of myself as a laid-back, devil-may-care girl. But since others laugh when I use those terms to describe myself, I think I’d better accept my high-strung tendencies and move on.

I dance – in the kitchen, with Alex, while I’m cooking supper.

I sing – whenever I can. And always, always in the car.

I cry – in church. Without fail. Ask David.

I am not always – patient. And this week, through our Bible study, I’m beginning to understand why.

I make – a mighty good pork tenderloin.

I write – constantly. Even when I don’t have paper or I’m not at the computer, I write in my head all. day. long.

I confuse – the words “think” and “thing” when I write.

I need – at least 30 minutes every single day to just sit down and talk to my husband. Uninterrupted. Alex is learning that he can't sidetrack that time, try though he may...unless he's bleeding, on fire, or has swallowed some form of poison. If those things happened, we'd more than likely cut our conversation short.

I should – make more time for me without feeling so guilty about it.

I start – lots of "projects" - there are tons-o-ideas running around this brain of mine.

I finish – more of those "projects" than I used to...but this blog is one project that seems to be unending. :-)

Now it's my turn to tag, so Brenda, Diane, Robin, and're it! :-)


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