Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why I'd Like To Be Alone Again Before 2009

I really tried not to get my hopes up about AloneFest ’06 because there’s that point where expectations get out of whack with reality, and I didn’t want to be all hyped up and then be bored out of my mind, wondering why, why did I ever agree to let David and Alex go out of town at the same time, why would I do such a foolish thing, why.

But, oh, my friends, AloneFest '06 did not disappoint.

I decided yesterday morning that I wasn’t going to get a salon pedicure because I didn’t want to spend an hour feeling like I had to make small talk. If I was having a day out with the girls, I would’ve been all for it – but the point of the day was not to socialize. The point of the day was to be totally, completely, and gloriously alone.

And it was glorious.

Once David got on the road yesterday afternoon, I sat on the couch for at least two hours – reading blogs, sending emails, enjoying the silence. And then I cleaned, and ate sushi, and watched television, and took a bath, and gave myself a pedicure, and slept like a log.

I did miss my people - I did - but I was so grateful to have a little "me" time.

I think D. was more excited for my "Mamacation" than I was. He knows my personality better than anyone, so he gets that while I'm mostly an extrovert, I have just enough introvert in me that I sometimes need to be away from people in order to really re-charge my batteries. Only I'm NEVER by myself. I think that's the hardest part of motherhood for me...the fact that there is little, if any, "down time." It's like being a doctor who's on call 365 days a year. Without the six-figure salary.

Anyway, to fully cement my nerd status, I took some pictures of the lively festivities at my house last night. Wanna see? Good.

First I got my sink just like FlyLady likes it. I like to run scalding hot water in each side, then add some Mrs. Meyer's lemon verbena or lavender all-purpose cleaner. Makes the whole house smell yummy.

Then I ran some more hot water. For me. With a combination of my favorite Bath & Body Works soap and some great Arbonne stuff that my friend NK gave me. And I know, I know that InTouch is tacky. I'm sorry. I was alone, and I had a big ole bubble bath, and I wanted to read some celebrity news. By the way, did y'all KNOW that Jessica is wearing her wedding band on a chain around her neck? She is. Very Carrie Bradshaw-ish, if I do say so myself.

Afterwards I adjourned to the den, where I fixed myself a BooMamapolitan. That would be diet Coke. On the rocks. Neither shaken nor stirred.

I kept my standing weekly appointment with Jack Bauer, who didn't get very far last night in his attempts to Save The World From Peril, but he did knock a guy out by elbowing him in the neck, and that was pretty cool.

And while I was watching Jack, I gave myself a pedicure. I actually took a picture of my feet so I could show you the results, but then I decided that was gross. So you'll just have to take my word that my toes look cute.

So that's about it, I reckon. D. and A. will be home later this afternoon, and we'll get back to the business of our normal routine. I'll move from AloneFest '06 to ToddlerDetox '06, because A. will be rotten after three days with grandparents (which is fine - spoiling is their job).

But it was fun, y'all. It really was.


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