Tuesday, May 02, 2006

To Get The Hubby Up-To-Speed

Things I must remember to tell D.

Or I guess he could just, you know, read them here.

Why talk when you can blog? :-)

1. As proof of what a loser I am, I actually watched an episode of House Hunters that I’ve seen at least five times. Yes, it was my first night alone in over three years. Yes, I watched a re-run. And even worse? I enjoyed it. They got the house in the woods! They got the house in the woods!

2. Last night? By sundown, I had locked every single door in our house – deadbolts and all – and set the alarm. (Most of the time we forget to even lock our doors. Country living spoils you that way.)

3. 24 wasn’t very good. Mainly because nothing happened. Except that there’s an evil co-pilot, but Alex would have been able to call that particular plot development if he had been watching. Which he wouldn’t have been. Being three and all.

4. I took out the garbage! And fed the dogs! Do I get some sort of prize now?

5. A bath is much more relaxing without a toddler running in the bathroom, screaming, “OH! LOOK! MAMA! BUBBLES!” Or on top of that, a toddler pointing at my chest, saying, “Hey, Mama – what are THOSE?”

But most importantly? I missed my boys. I really did.


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