Friday, June 09, 2006

Well, This Is Ever So Much More Manageable

Okay - I had to do a bit of post re-structuring because there was too much linky goodness buried in a post that was way too long. So, I now give you all the linkage in a more condensed format.

Heather has a couple of great ideas for a new Bible study and a book club, too. Click on over and check it out. For the Bible study they're reading Stasi Eldridge's Captivating, which I actually picked up yesterday. Last summer I read her hubby's book, Wild At Heart, in ONE DAY. Good stuff. If you're married to a man or the mother of a man or have only seen a man from a distance, it's a must-read. I can't tell you how much it helped me understand and appreciate my husband. I'm hoping that time-wise I can handle joining Heather's group...I think it'll be a great study.

This post at Lori's blog really made me think. If you're intentional about having some real "teachable moments" as you discipline and encourage your kids, you'll appreciate Lori's list of great, easy-to-remember verses that address many of the heart issues we face with little ones.

This post by Judith (Sarah's grandmother; Bev and Barb's mother - it really is a Blogging Dynasty) demands that there be a part 2, and a part 3, and a part 14. :-) If you get a chance, encourage Judith to keep telling the reads like a movie script. Can't wait to read more.

You have to read this post of Sarah's, too. It's beautiful.

I feel much better now. Link away, internets. :-)


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