Friday, July 07, 2006

Two Crabcakes The Size Of Quarters And Three Pieces Of Asparagus Later

Oh, where to start?

First, let me start with Lea Margaret. They got to the hospital this AM for Mac's surgery, and within about five minutes they found out that the heart surgeon had been called in at 2 in the morning to do a heart transplant. So Mac's surgery has been postponed for another week - it's next Friday, the 14th, at 12:30.

LM and family are on their way home to Mississippi and will go back to N'ville next week. She said that she's a little disappointed - they were just ready to have put this chapter behind them, understandably. But she did ask that you continue to pray for them as they prepare for next week's surgery, and to also pray for the two families affected by the heart transplant...the family who lost a child, and the family whose child is receiving the heart. Perspective-wise, she said, what her family is dealing with is absolutely nothing in comparison.

Second, Martha's birthday luncheon. And I say "luncheon" because you don't get real food at luncheons. At a lunch, at least in this part of the world, you get hearty food: fried chicken, vegetables, rolls, cobbler, etc. At a luncheon, however, you get what I listed in the title of this post. And you also get some of your child's macaroni and cheese, because three year olds aren't so thrilled when their mac and cheese contains asiago cheese, parmesan cheese and sun dried tomatoes. I, however, enjoyed it very much.

And just so you know, our car headed instinctively to Burger King approximately one hour after the luncheon was over. :-)

But all that is sort of beside the point, because the food was not the reason for the trip - Martha's birthday was. And she had a LARGE time.

Here's Alex with the birthday girl.

And here's A. with his great-grandmother, Sissie - 96 years young.

My favorite part of the whole day was when we were picking up Martha and Sissie for lunch, and Sissie was calling for Martha to do something or other - get her purse, get her cane, hurry up, etc. - and Alex listened for a second, then looked at me, and just like a little tape recorder said, "Maah-thah, can you come he-ah?"

Big fun for all on hand.

Happy Weekend, y'all.


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