Monday, July 03, 2006

Anyone Visited This Church?

First, you'll have to excuse the big copyright sign in the center of the video - this is just a sample, though you can purchase the real deal here. Not that I think any of you are eager to purchase a one-minute video for, you know, ten dollars, but your church just might be. :-)

Second, I do think this is a funny take on a very real problem. And seeing it also reminded me that in the last few days Jules and Jeana have touched on, in a much more thoughtful way than I ever could, some other issues churches - and their members - are facing. Check out their posts if you get a chance - they'll make you think, for sure.

And I wish I could link to the sermon we heard yesterday (not up on our church website yet) - because it addressed this particular issue so thoroughly and so Biblically (see Ephesians 1).

But in the meantime, for your viewing pleasure...

Like all good satire, there's some truth beneath the surface, isn't there?


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