Saturday, July 01, 2006

He Knows Me So Well

Now I could be all cool and pretend like it's been a normal couple of days here at BooMama. But the problem is, I'm a goob. I wouldn't know "cool" if it slapped me in the face and called me Judy, and as a result, I can only say one thing:


Which is sort of a rhetorical question. Because I have SiteMeter. And it tells me things.

Like that a huge chunk of you have been referred here by either Shannon, Queen of Blogdom, or by my sweet friend Sarah, who linked to me in a post a couple of days ago. Which, as it turns out, was a couple of days after Lisa Whelchel linked to her.

And I've learned two things as a result: 1) Shannon has waaay more than tens of readers, and 2) when Blair Warner talks? People listen. I know because I'm a second-string beneficiary of her linkage. To extend that analogy a bit, it's like I'm like the little gift shop on the corner that starts to get a few more patrons when the restaurant a couple of doors down gets a glowing review from a respected critic.

By the way, I'm not so good with the analogies. Better that you know it up front so that you can lower your expectations accordingly.

Last night I was telling David (my husband, not just a random man I engaged in conversation) that it's been a veritable linking extravaganza around here the last couple of days. In fact, I think Addie would call it Linkapalooza. :-) And honestly, it's been a little strange for me (but in a good way) because I have a hard time understanding why anyone would bother to read my blog unless they know me in real life. And that's not a plea for comments...that's just the truth.

Anyway, I was telling D. that I totally get why Sarah has so many readers - her posts are thoughtful and insightful and inspiring. She seamlessly integrates theology with real life, and if she doesn't write a book, I'm going to tell her husband to cut off her diet Coke supply. FOREVER. Which should get her motivated in no time.

But I'm not so much with the thoughtful. I mainly just talk about my very Southern family, and food, and TV, and my gratefulness that God loves me despite what a dork I am. And I told David that I couldn't help but wonder, in light of all that, what in the world people thought when they clicked over here from Sarah's beautifully written blog and saw that she had directed them to The Post That Will Not Die, Bless My Mama's Heart. It had to be a bit of bloggy culture shock.

David thought for several seconds, and then, in the most comforting, soothing tone, he said, "Do you feel like your only claim to blog 'fame' is 'hey, my mama tooted'?"

And I said, "YES, that's exactly it."

My husband, you see, understands me.

So just bear with me, y'all.

And welcome.


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