Thursday, June 29, 2006

I Have A Confession To Make

I Tivo'd "The View" today.

And I feel a little guilty.

I mean, I've never watched "The View" except for a couple of times when it first came on. I'm sure the girls on the show are lovely people in real life, but on TV they all sort of get on my nerves talking on top of one another, and I always feel like it's some sort of weird contest to see who can be the most "outrageous" or "hip" or "controversial."

But to me it was all just "annoying."

But then this Star Jones / Barbara Walters thing happened - and I just had to check it out. Would that be called television rubbernecking? Craning your neck to survey the damage as you slowly channelsurf past the morning show train wreck?

And to make sure I got all the latest "View" info, I even Tivo'd one of those entertainment "news" magazines (this is "apparently" the "post" of "quotation marks") a couple of nights ago. You know, the shows where they scream at you and use the word "hot" a whole bunch? (Which reminds me: have I discussed my disdain for the use of the word "party" as a verb? I need to put that on my list.)

So that's all. No other point to this, really.

And for all I know, this whole thing was just a big publicity stunt to get normally disinterested parties like me to watch "The View."

I guess it worked. Because if they have a big tearful reunion show about two months down the road?

I'm SO there.



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