Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Thing About Dial-Up Is That It's Evil

I could very easily go on a bit of a rant right now about WHY IN THE WORLD my daddy won't get DSL. I mean, he is on the computer constantly, plans somewhere around 6 family reunions a year via email, researches about 14 branches of the family on a daily basis (here's my conclusion about geneaology: we're all related. Thank you.), and keeps THREE hard drives on hand to store all his documents.

But DSL? NOOOOOOOO. That would be far too extravagant.

And I guess I "ranted" anyway. :-) Please forgive.

My point is - I so badly want to read everyone's blogs right now. Alex is taking a huge nap after his day-o-swimming (no pictures - I think I left the camera at home), Mama is "resting her eyes" (read: snoring in her chair, but she would say "resting my eyes" because apparently it's unladylike to admit that you go dead-to-the-world asleep in an upright position), and the house is as quiet as can be. Perfect blog reading time.

But the dial-up won't allow it. I got two blogs to load in about 15 minutes, so at that rate I should be through all my Bloglines reading around 4:30 tomorrow morning. I guess everything will just have to keep until I get home.

So for those of you going to the bloggy get-together in Kansas City: have a wonderful time. I'll be praying for your safe travel, and I hope you laugh so hard that your sides hurt when you leave. (Hey! Addie! Y'all should call me! Seriously. You can put me on speakerphone and then make fun of my accent after we hang up.)

Okay. Daddy needs his computer now. But he just told me he bought a laptop, which means wireless can't be far behind. Surely.

Fingers crossed. :-)


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