Friday, June 16, 2006

And Then We'll Light A Fire And Sing "Kumbaya"

This past Sunday I was making my way up to the main church building after our little BBQ shindig, and I found myself walking beside a woman who I met last summer when our church did Extreme Home Graceover.

Her name is Annette. She's a hoot.

Anyway, I mentioned to Annette - who is 60-something - that I would love to be on a bus with her and a bunch of other 60- and 70-somethings, that I can't think of anything more fun than listening to them cut up and tell stories. So I said - and I meant it - "if you and your buddies ever want to take a road trip, you just give me a call. I would LOVE to go. I'll even drive."

She looked at me - wondering if I was kidding, I think - and said, "Honey, you wouldn't want to go anywhere with us old people."

To which I replied: "Have you ever noticed who I hang out with at church? I see 30-somethings all week long. But on the weekends, I love hanging out with y'all and soaking up your wisdom."

And it's true. David will verify.

About that time someone else pulled me aside, and Annette walked away, and I didn't think much more of it.

Well, internets, listen to this.

I got an email from Annette a couple of days ago. She said she had talked to my friend Sandra, and they thought it would be great fun if we got a group of their friends, and a group of my friends, and took off on a road trip for a few days. Sort of a cross-generational women's church retreat.

Does that not sound like a blast? I mean, I can't be the only one who loves me a bunch of sassy 60-something grandmamas.

So, we're thinking of a couple of different of which is going to the flea market in Canton, TX this fall - and I have a feeling more than a few of you could give me the lowdown on that. :-)

But here's my question: once we're all together - what are some things we could do to make the time really MEANINGFUL? I feel like these women have so much wisdom to share...what would be a way to facilitate them sharing it?

And please don't suggest a skit. You KNOW how I feel about a skit.

But seriously - how could we 30-somethings honor the ladies who have "gone before us" in our church, who invest their time in our lives, and who have so much to teach us?

Because I don't want to plan a trip and miss the blessing, you know?

So if you have any suggestions - or any experience planning this kind of thing - holla back in the comments.

Do churches do stuff like this and I don't know about it? Shouldn't churches be doing stuff like this? The more I think about it, the more I think it's not just important - it's essential.


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