Wednesday, June 14, 2006

We Should Probably Reacquaint Ourselves After My Lengthy Absence

So Plattapalooza was a huge success. We had plenty of food (THANK THE GOOD LORD I wasn't the one doing the cooking - we served about 2,000 people), lots of inflatable thing-ys for the kids to jump in and slide down, and best of all was the worship service that followed...probably the most joy-filled, Spirit-filled environment I've ever experienced (and yes, Addie, that includes the Chris Tomlin concert). Awesome. David took Alex home due to an inflatable-related meltdown (that's SO another story for another day), so I sat with my neighbors E. and J., and we had a blast.

As far as my little hiatus goes, I wish I could tell you that I cleaned out a closet or re-organized my spices or knocked out a wall and extended my dining room 6 feet. But I didn't. I ran errands. I made chicken spaghetti. I napped with Alex. I also dragged escorted him out of a large party supply store after he hit an elderly woman who bent down to talk to him, and I put him the car, and I drove him down the road aways so that I could calm down and therefore refrain from yanking every. hair. out. of. his. head., and then I took him to a friend's office building and spanked him. Oh yes I did.

My unofficial blood pressure reading - and this is just an estimate - was about 275/190.

Or, you know, boiling.

But then he did something adorable or said something sweet or threw his arms around my neck or showered me with kisses, and I got over it.

In non-child-related news, David wants everyone to know that I sat on the couch and watched a TV show Monday night without a computer on my lap. I TiVo'd a bunch of episodes of "The Closer" - based on some of your recommendations - and it's a delightful little show. I knew I liked the main character - who's a Southern girl - when it cut to a shot of her cell phone ringing and the caller ID said, "Mama." Those of y'all who are from the South know exactly why that's so dead-on.

Okay. That should get us up to speed. After all, it's been AGES since we talked. :-)


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