Saturday, June 10, 2006

Inspector Gadget

David has decided that he needs a new cell phone. I feel this is a reasonable request since his current phone is only slightly more reliable and effective than the two empty soup cans I connected with string so that Laura and I could "talk" when I was about five years old. Since BIL is here as well, a trip to a store filled with electronic devices seemed to be a near-perfect Saturday morning excursion for the guys. It could only be more perfect if they could play videogames on the way to the phone store, purchase The Coolest Phones Imaginable, then walk straight out of the store into a skybox at an SEC football game. And kill aliens afterwards. While eating fried chicken.

I'm always a little concerned when David goes shopping for electronics, because he gets a slightly glazed-over gleam in his eye that's reserved only for things that beep and ring, and my fear is that he left the house planning to buy a small phone but will return to the house with a large television set or new video game system or, you know, a car.

I, on the other hand, am almost completely unaffected by things with plugs. I love my computer because it's cute, not because of any features that it has. Truth be told, I don't even KNOW what features it has. I do know it has an apple on the top of it, and when my computer is on the apple glows, and that makes me happy.

David, however, speaks a different electronic language. He knows all about tubes and resolutions and giga/mega/eleventy bytes; he knows that he needs this cable or that wire to achieve maximum sound in a space that measures 12 feet wide by 15.4987 feet long. And while I might say, oh, just round down to 15 feet, he would say, NO, you can't do that, NO, don't you know that the cable requirements are completely different for a room of that size?

A little over a year ago we finished out part of our basement and moved David's office down there. His office had previously been in the bonus room upstairs, but it was increasingly hard for him to find peace and quiet up there once A. came along (and let me tell you: after this last week of non-stop toddler talking, I wouldn't mind finishing out an office for me so that I could have a little peace and quiet my OWN self - but that's another story for another day). ANYWAY, when the sheetrock finally went up downstairs, David spent hours figuring out exactly where the speakers should go in the walls.

All that to say: do you know where I would have put the speakers? Inside the television set. Where they belong.

So I'm curious to see what my husband brings back from the phone store. It could be nothing. It could be just a phone. But my guess - and this is based on knowing him for almost 30 years and being married to him for 9 - is that at the VERY least there will be a phone and some form of phone accessory. Because a gadget-y husband is one thing...but a gadget-y husband accompanied by a gadget-y brother-in-law is a recipe for an electronics shopping spree.

And the garage door is opening right now. Via remote control, of course.

More later.

Updated to add:

Oh, I SO know him. Looks like I have a new phone, too.



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