Saturday, June 17, 2006

It's His Personal Indoor Slide, Really

Yesterday afternoon I was in the kitchen, and Alex was upstairs watching Veggie Tales - or so I thought. Because suddenly I heard the strangest noise coming from over by the stairs. I could tell something was falling...but since nobody was crying or whelping, I figured that Alex and the dogs were safe and sound.

Then I heard A. squeal with delight, and I knew big fun was in store. Plus, I hadn't heard anything shatter or explode, so I figured he was within reasonable safety limits. And by the way, I believe that's yet another criterion for Mother of the Year that I've now fulfilled...I only rush to my child's aid when something has shattered or exploded. Or crying or whelping is involved. Because clearly he couldn't possibly be in danger unless those very specific qualifications have been met.

Anyway, being the investigative blogger (read: nosy mama) that I am, I picked up the camera and walked over to check it out.

Here is what I saw:

This gigantor inflatable soccer ball was one of his birthday presents, but I don't think he really knew what to do with it until he discovered that he could propel it down the stairs...and in addition to making cool noises as it hit each individual stair, it also smashed into the wall at the foot of the stairs with authority.

In other words: World's Perfect Toy.

So here he is before he launched his next gigantor soccer ball missile...

...and afterwards, in a picture I have entitled "Pure Unbridled Toddler Joy."

I couldn't help but laugh with him, and it was all fun and games with the soccer ball - including a round of mother / son volleyball on the stairway - until this morning, when I heard something, and looked up, and saw his old bouncy seat careening down the stairs. And it landed with a good bit more authority than the inflatable soccer ball.

Thus ending the Stair Olympic Games of 2006.

We didn't really have any Closing Ceremonies. They're kind of a waste of time and money anyway.

This next picture...well, I love it. Alex couldn't wait until tomorrow for his daddy to open his Father's Day presents, and I think this pretty effectively sums up his excitement.

I love my little family.

Happy Father's Day.


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