Saturday, June 17, 2006

Captivating, Chapter One

Okay, after feeling TOTALLY uncomfortable with how personal my Bible study post for this week was, I decided to pull it off of "the blawg" and email it to everyone in the group instead. Kind of ironic, I know, for someone who basically documents her whole life on the INTERNET, for crying out loud, but writing it dredged up some old emotional junk, and I'm not ready to feel quite so "exposed." Even David said, "Um. Yeah. That was pretty personal." And since he has (so far) never thought I've crossed the line blog-wise in terms of revealing too much about myself, I'm heeding his wise counsel. So there you have it.

In other news, Alex and I have been making secretive plans for Father's Day...but I am learning that there's no such thing as a secret with a three year old. After I explained to him that Father's Day was coming up, he said, "We'll have party, Mama! And get Daddy a Nemo cake! And hats!" I explained that no, we weren't going to have hats, and no, we weren't going to have a Nemo cake, but we would definitely get the stuff to make Daddy a cake after we picked up his presents this morning.

Well, A. has spoken of little besides "CAKE" and "PRESENTS" ever since I foolishly thought I could somehow plan Father's Day WITH him, and finally, when his daddy asked for the fortieth time what cake and presents Alex was talking about, I let the cat out of the bag my OWN self: "WE'RE BAKING YOU A CAKE! WE'RE BAKING A CAKE! FOR! FATHER'S! DAY!"

Which just made Alex talk about cake even more.

Then I explained to David that we were going to have his Father's Day meal tonight (for some reason coming home from church and trying to get a meal on the table just stresses me out to no end), and I said, "I'm sure if you ask Alex what we're having, he'll be glad to fill you in on the details."

So D. said, "Hey, Alex - what are we having for supper tonight?"

"CAKE! We're having CAKE, Daddy! CAKE!"

It's all going to be a HUGE surprise.


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