Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Smooshiness, Revisited - And A Trip, To Boot

You'll be happy to know that EK's sister gave me permission to post pictures of her little boy.

You may commence with eating him up.

Because you know that little knee is just begging for some sugar.

In other news, Alex and I are headed to my hometown today so that we can See The Relatives. I'm especially excited about seeing my cousin Paige, who's about 20 weeks along now and ready to get started on her nursery. Big fun in store.

I called David's mama last night to let her know we would be there tomorrow (a day earlier than planned), and oh, if I only had a recording. But you know, even if I did, y'all would think I made it up (and if you need background on what in the world I'm talking about, see here, here and here).

So here's my best approximation of our conversation:

Me: "Hey Martha - I just wanted to let you know that Alex and I will be in town tomorrow, and I thought you might want him to spend the night with you one of the nights that we're there."

Martha: "Oh? OH! Well, I just think that would be wonderful! Now you just let me know which night because of course Mother and I have the beauty parlor on Friday morning and we'll have to get up and get moving because her home health nurse also comes on Fridays and we're trying to work around her. See, she's taking some classes at the community college and that's changed her schedule, but we're tryin' to be real accomodating because she's so good and all but she does come really early and that might upset Alex if he were here and asleep and then the doorbell rang at the crack of dawn and she woke him up and that wouldn't be good, would it? And then I know that tomorrow night you'll probably go straight to your mother's house, won't you go straight to your mother's house? I mean, I imagine you'll go straight to your mother's house so y'all will just stay there I'm sure, but you know like I was saying I really do wish David could come but I know he's real busy with work and all that. He HAS been busy hasn't he? I mean, he never really mentions anything about that but I know he works hard and well, I know you work hard, too, because Alex is so adorable right now and I do think he's just the CUTEST thing when he gets on the phone and talks to me and sometimes I don't understand it all but David does translate and like I said, I wish he could come, but we'll really look forward to seeing you and Alex. You just call us whenever you get here tomorrow."

Me: [PAUSING, to make sure she's finished, then:] "So what about Friday night? Would that work?"

Martha: "Yes, sugar, that'll be just great."

Really, someone should base a movie character on her. She's one of a kind.

I'll try to brave Daddy's dial-up and keep y'all posted.


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