Sunday, July 02, 2006

Longest. Meme. Ever.

Diane tagged me for this novel of a meme, and I'm happy to oblige such a loyal bloggy friend. So here we go.

- I was born in Mississippi, lived in Louisiana for three years, and am now at home in Alabama (forever, I hope).
- I love SEC football and basketball more than your average girl. When I was in college I camped outside MSU's coliseum the night before a State / LSU basketball game...and this was one of the most fun days of my life. Seriously.
- I have known my husband since I was six or seven years old when we were in Mrs. Nicholson's Sunday School class. We got married in that very same church, and my parents and David's mama are still in Sunday School together even now.
- I grew up Methodist, joined an Episcopal church in my twenties, and have taught in Baptist and Presbyterian schools. You'd think I'd have a slight case of Protestant Schizophrenia, but I feel pretty blessed to have experienced those denominations firsthand. We go to a Baptist church, by the way - just in case you're wondering where we "settled."
- I want to lose 40 pounds. Preferably in the next week or so.
- I was a bridesmaid 10 times before I was ever a bride.
- I will never, as long as I live, understand why I had to take algebra.

- cockroaches
- larvae stages of anything
- a snake shedding its skin
- clowns
- puppets and/or grown people in mascot costumes
- honeycombs
- a picture I saw in college of a man with 100 cigarettes in his mouth at the same time - it still gives me chills when I think about it

7 RANDOM/MUSIC AT THE MOMENT...(I'm not sure exactly what means, so I'll just tell y'all what I'm listening to right now)
- Sunday Morning Songs - Veggie Tales
- Pirates' Boat Load of Fun - Veggie Tales
- A Grateful People - Watermark - you reallllly need this CD if you don't have it
- Arriving - Chris Tomlin - it's been in my car for almost two years, and I still love it
- a great mixed CD that our friend Todd made for me
- sermons by our friend Kevin that I've burned to CD (not music, but I am listening to it in the car)
- "Takin' It To The Streets" - Taylor Hicks (please don't roll your eyes)

- diet Coke
- the smell of a little one right after a bath
- laughing so hard that I fear I may quit breathing
- TiVo - good grief it simplifies the TV-watching process. Not that it was a terribly complicated process to begin with.
- pedicures
- days where I have nowhere to be and can stay in my pajamas all day long if I feel like it
- standing in church, singing my heart out, knowing I'm probably way off key but God loves to hear me anyway

- "Have mercy"
- "Alex!"
- "I can't understand what you're saying. Say it like a big boy."
- "Is ANYTHING on television?"
- "What in the sam hill...?"
- "What's goin' on?"

7 THINGS YOU WILL NEVER HEAR ME SAY...(I totally stole this category from Addie because hers cracked me up so much)
- "The doctor has really been encouraging me to gain some weight."
- "This size 4 is too big. I think I may need a 2."
- "I'll be over there in the petites section if you need me."
- "That fried chicken wasn't so good, but this raw celery is DELICIOUS."
- "Why, I'd be delighted to participate in your skit. I hope we perform in front of hundreds of people!"
- "I only spend about 10 or 15 minutes a day blogging."
- "Back when I was participating in aerobics contests...."


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