Friday, November 17, 2006

How Could I Possibly Taunt A Fellow Blogger Whose Hair Is So Cute?

Shannon and I have been talking about cooking up a little bloggy rivalry this week since our alma maters are going head-to-head on the gridiron this weekend.

But the problem is that we're both good Southern girls. Which means that our version of trash talk ends up being something along the lines of what Patty Simcox says before she launches her Student Council campaign in Grease: "I hope [we] don't make too poor a showing!"

Because here's the bottom line: if I were sitting in Shannon's kitchen right now (drinking diet Coke, no doubt), I could probably give her 100 reasons why Arkansas will win. For starters, they're on a roll. They're dominating everyone they play. They have two tailbacks who run like trains. They're confident. They're well-coached. They're GOOOOD.

So in all honesty, I know that things don't look too great for my Bulldogs tomorrow. We're not nearly as talented as they are. We're plagued by injuries. We're inconsistent. And we're underdogs.

Big time.

However, I have one little glimmer of hope.

We're playing at home.

And we'll have our cowbells, which means that even if my Bulldogs don't bring their A-game, maybe the crowd can frustrate the Hogs with the noise. It'll be a loud, raucous environment, no doubt - an SEC gameday at its finest.

So, in the spirit of the weekend, I give you this:

May the better team win.

And please please please let the better team be mine. :-)

Go 'Dogs.


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