Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In Addition To Buying Ice Cream, We Will Also Be Purchasing Real Tomato Ketchup*

Those of you who mentioned The Ice Cream Dilemma in the comments of my previous post will be glad to know that there are two places to buy ice cream right around the corner from our new place. And we won't be relegated to just sniffing the ice cream, either.

So I'd say that's a victory, wouldn't you?

It also occurred to me when I was reading the last round of comments that OH MY SWEET GOODNESS I am doing the Christmas Tour of Homes thing and DID I FORGET TO TELL MYSELF THAT I'M MOVING? Because the thought of having the house, you know, unpacked by the 15th seems a little daunting, but having my house decorated for Christmas, too?

Clearly I've been bitten by a touch of the crazy.

But I'll just consider the Christmas Tour as, um, incentive and tell myself that it never hurt anyone to have a few extra unpacked boxes laying around at Christmastime.


And now to answer the questions about why we're moving.


It's pretty simple.

When we moved here six and a half years ago, we had a pretty good idea of what area we wanted to live in, and the thought of new construction was really appealing to us because we'd lived in two older houses in Baton Rouge. But in order to be able to afford new construction in this area, we had to move a little further out than we had planned (Robin, Theresa, Lori and Addie can testify to what I like to call The Boondocks Factor). We're about ten miles outside of the city limits, and when we moved out here, there weren't many subdivisions, traffic wasn't bad at all, and we could get back into "town" in about 20 minutes.

But as is oftentimes the case with suburbia, this area exploded before there was much infrastructure to support it. There were around 10 subdivisions when we moved out here...and now there are about 60. Traffic can be a nightmare. Traffic lights are being installed along the main highway, which means BIG FUN FOR ALL on the roadways. And the catch is that we live our lives not in this little community - but in the much bigger city that's over the mountain. With Alex starting K4 next year, and with his school on the other side of that mountain, it's a good time for us to bite the bullet and head into town.

So, to answer the "why" question: location, location, location.

(You know, that's pretty catchy. A real estate agent should really consider using that phrase in some brochures or something. Or on "House Hunters." Because I've never heard that phrase on "House Hunters." Except for, you know, a hundred times.)

Thus concludeth the essay on Why We're Moving.

I will post pictures just as soon as I have some - and that'll probably be this weekend.

I do hope the nervous anticipation of seeing pictures of an empty house won't completely spoil your Thanksgiving dinner.

But in the meantime: LOOK! CHAOS!

*Anybody know the movie I'm referencing?


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