Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Amazing Race 9 - Week One

Yeah, rest, whatever. I took a nap, and Alex is still napping, so I'm catching up on Tuesday night's episode of TAR. But after this I am DONE with you people for the day, do you hear me? :-)

Here's the order of placement for our first round of "a race around the world" (just thinking about it sends my heart a-twitter), with my first impression immediately following their names:

Eric & Jeremy - they love themselves. Surprisingly, they finished first and weren't nearly as obnoxious as I anticipated. How long do we think it'll be before they officially put the moves on Team Pink?
BJ & Tyler - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, dude. I think they're fun...and will no doubt provide much-needed comic relief.
Wanda & Desiree- sassy hot tamales...well, not really my first impression, but that's what Desiree said she thought people's first impression of them would be. I like that they're a mother / daughter team that gets along and actually seems to enjoy each other's company - that's a rarity on the Race.
David & Lori - I adore a nerd couple. They were extraordinarily kind to each other through every task...and truthfully, they seem happy just to be traveling. The fact that there's a prize is gravy.
Lake & Michelle - the video of them working out together is cheesy. He's a little hyper-competitive for me. I think I could last on a team with him for maybe 5 minutes, at which point I'd set down my bag, shake my head, and walk away. Even though the ticketing fiasco was clearly his mistake, he wouldn't take responsibility, only admitting that it was "partially [his] fault." Just for the record, I don't like the way he talks to his wife. And I don't like the fact that she takes it.
Joseph & Monica - pretty people - at least they didn't describe themselves as actors / models. No doubt they're the Ken & Barbie of the group, but they seem good-natured and athletic.
Ray & Yolanda - she could crush pecans with her thighs - GOOD GRIEF she is ripped. I like the way they interact with each other - calm, respectful, loving - and I don't know how he kept his cool when all those Brazilian men were ogling his girlfriend.
Fran & Barry - sweet...your obligatory TAR retirement-age couple. I thought they were adorable on the helicopter ride, and they recovered well from their misguided attempts to do the motorcycle task.
Danielle & Dani - we're going to be seeing a LOT of low-cut tanktops from these girls. They would have finished earlier in the pack if traffic hadn't been such a nightmare for them. I'll save other comments for next week after I see what they're wearing.
Lisa & Joni - never, ever use the word "Glamazon" again. Ever. They scream. A LOT. The other teams have dubbed them "The Frosties" because of their hair-coloring techniques. They never gave up, and hopefully they'll get more comfortable in front of the camera (hint: less shrieking) as the race moves along.
John & Scott - if I were competing against them, we would immediately bond and talk about skin care products. When John did his genie move in the taxi, all I could think of was Paul Lynde on Bewitched saying "Oh, Sa-MAN-tha!" I don't think I've ever seen anyone have to confront so many flying fears so quickly. In the end, the traffic gods were not on their side. First team to go.


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