Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Idol Re-Cap: 10 Male Finalists

Straight to it:

Taylor Hicks - "Easy Like Sunday Morning" - I liked this song for him. I would download this off of iTunes in a heartbeat. He didn't do a lot of the Elaine dancing this week :-) - and he also did a great job of making this song his own. He was a little off at the end and did lots of "WHOOs" - but I bet after he processes what the judges said, he'll come back stronger next week. It bothers me a little that he's going first - I will be voting often.
Elliott Yamin - "Moody's Mood For Love" - Oddly enough, I love this song. And oh my gosh - what a neat arrangement...David and I are sitting here "OH MY WORD"ing like crazy. WHERE DID HE COME FROM? He may be the most talented guy there. This performance is right up there with Fantasia's "Summertime" for me. Flawless. Awesome.
Ace Young - "If I'm Not Made For You" - Boring. Boring. Boring. Not to mention that he doesn't sound all that great to me. And I've got to tell you - I'm getting a different vibe from Ace than I did the first few times I saw him. Anybody else feel that way?
Gedeon McKinney - Some old song. Okay, y'all - let's be honest. He's talented. But it's like watching a drag queen who forgot her dress and wig but decides the show must go on. In other words, he's a black Clay Aiken ("Blaiken"). He sounded great - and I like him.
Kevin Covais - "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" - I should tell you that I never need to hear this song again. It could disappear off the face of the planet and I would not care. Now EK, I know you like him, but his performances are like a John Hughes movie where the class geek gets up in front of the student body and sings a song and everyone cheers for him because he's such a likeable geek. But you know what the geek can't do? Sell CD's.
Jose "Sway" Penala - "Overjoyed" - I am trying not to hold last week's performance against him - because I did not get last week's performance at all. But you know what? I just don't get him. Maybe it's his singing style...too much vibrato, too many runs - it's like he takes a lovely, simple melody and makes it over-complicated. Not for me.
Will Makar - "Lady" - I'll go ahead and say it: this has train wreck written all over it. No 17 year old has any business singing a Kenny Rogers ballad. By the way, David and I are CRACKING UP over how excited he was to meet Justin Guarini, who looks in their picture like the cat who just ate the canary. Anyway, this sounds like the Powerful Ballad at a Critical Plot Point in a Major Musical. An all-around odd performance. But I appreciated, for purely comical reasons, the "Oh-oh, lay-ay-dee" at the end of it.
Bucky Covington - "Thunder Rolls" - Um, at least he's making Southerners look really intelligent. Not. As for the song, not very impressive. Bucky is not an entertainer. I feel like he's the guy who tops out headlining at HoJo's. But now I do love him forever for saying he wants some sweet tea (when David and I were in LA, I nearly lost my mind with all the fruit-flavored tea, so I feel Bucky's pain).
David Radford - "The Way You Look Tonight" - He is, as hubby just said, a one-trick pony. I get the idea that Mr. Radford's idea of a wacky time is loosening the tops of the salt and pepper shakers at the country club. I think we'll be saying good-bye to David tomorrow.
Chris Daughtry - "Hemorrhage" - Can I just say that I love his speaking voice? Okay, the song. I think it's a great song - and he nailed it. This guy is the real deal. He's way talented, and I'd buy his CD tomorrow. I think he's the person to beat, male or female. In fact, David and I would like to predict it: Chris Daughtry is the next American Idol. Just for the record.

On the whole, MUCH better across the board than the girls were last night.

Should go: Bucky Covington and David Radford
Will go: Bucky Covington and David Radford
Tomorrow night: the results!


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