Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Idol Re-Cap: Finals, Week Seven

Tonight's theme is great love songs. I can't fathom that this style of music bodes well for Miss Pickler - but stranger things have happened. I am terribly encouraged by David Foster's presence, however, because he understands the beauty of a power ballad (see Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Whitney before she lost her dang mind, etc.).

Katharine McPhee - "I Have Nothing" - It's hard for me to hear this song without seeing the word "Rachel" flashing on a huge marquee (if you saw "The Bodyguard," you know what I'm talking about). This song makes me a little sad, too, because it really does remind me of Whitney in her heyday. As for Katharine's version, I don't know. I like her so much, but it felt like she was trying too hard. I love the subtlety of Katharine's performances, the fact that she usually doesn't oversing, and tonight felt forced to me. Still, her "off" night is most people's singing dream come true.
Elliott Yamin - "A Song For You" - I mean, did it all come together for Elliott this week or what? Every part of that performance was awesome for me - I had chillbumps for most of it, and at one point I thought I was gonna have to stand up and have some music church in my living room. :-) I just loved it. Even David said, "you know, that was really, really, reallllly good." I'm very proud for Mr. Yamin tonight. Far and away his best performance yet.

[Y'all should know that I'm very nervous for Pickler and what in the world David Foster will say to her, because shhhh, don't tell anyone, but she can't sing.]

Kellie Pickler - "Unchained Melody" - I mean no disrespect to the Righteous Brothers, but I cannot stand this song. And lands alive, Kellie didn't do it any favors. She just seems BORED TO TEARS when she's singing, and guess what? I'm bored to tears, too! I think she got into the competition with a really good LeeAnn Rimes imitation, and she IS cute as a bug, but at this point, she is woefully out of her league. (And HEY! There's Sela in the audience, y'all! Sorry to veer off topic, but, you know, hometown girl...and even Sela looked like "Oh, honey, you're adorable. You can't sing a lick, but you're adorable.") Anyway, Kellie is proof positive that looking good in a tank top can take a person very far in America - all the way to the top six in AI.
Paris Bennett - "The Way We Were" - Andrea Boccelli and David Foster were impressed by her. I wish I liked this song more - but it's one of those that I burned out on around the age of 7. I did like that she sang this song in a lower key, so her voice sounded really rich - but as a performer, she just doesn't move me. I don't know - just "aight" for me, yo.
Taylor Hicks - "Just Once" - Now this song happens to be one of my FAVORITES. And I think it's a good song for Taylor. I think I just don't like it as much when Taylor does the sensitive thing. I like it when Taylor is upbeat and playful and soulful. So I don't think it was his best - and certainly not as good as Elliott - but I'm pulling for my Alabama boy.
Chris Daughtry - "Have You Really Ever Lived A Woman" - I despise this song. Despise it. But I totally buy his version. I loved the acoustic arrangement, and it even made me forget about that Kevin Costner "Robin Hood" movie (isn't that what this song was written for?). And once again, I applaud CD for stepping outside his comfort zone and trying something a little different. But will his fans buy it and keep him out of the bottom three?

Best of the night: Elliott
Should go: Pickler
Will go: Pickler - please?


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