Sunday, May 14, 2006

Adventures In Mowing

I know it's Mother's Day, but it is ALL DADDY, ALL THE TIME around our house these days.

I believe this phase is what the childrearing experts refer to as "modeling."

I personally refer to it as "Oh blessed sweet relief."

The little man does still like to snuggle with his mama. But he wants to do EVERYTHING his daddy does, whether it's checking the phone lines, or reading a magazine, or going to Best Buy (what is it with guys and Best Buy?), or mowing the grass.

We've tried to be cautious about Alex getting near equipment with, you know, SHARP SPINNING BLADES, but now he's getting old enough to understand that he has to keep a respectful distance from the machines that make loud noises. And when David got out the mower, Alex was more than happy to follow behind with a somewhat less sophisticated model.

First Alex made his way to the end of the driveway to show his daddy his cool new equipment.

Note the careful attention to detail as he worked his way around the mailbox shrubbery.

Unfortunately, Alex inherited my ability to fall down for no discernible reason. So the yardwork was interrupted for just a minute while he sought comfort from Mama. I love the fact that David is smiling in the background. Almost as much as I love the fact that I made time to take a picture when my child was crying. PARENTS OF THE YEAR!

And they were both back to the task at hand in no time at all.

Aren't they the sweetest, y'all?

Happy Mother's Day.


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