Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That Make Me Laugh Out Loud

Now I could go all faux-holy on y'all and pretend like our idea of funny around here is when Pat Robertson's tie knot is a little off-center or his cuff links don't match (oh, that Pat...he is WACKY, he is). But I'm a firm believer in Christians keeping it real (first rule of "keeping it real": don't use the expression "keeping it real") - and seriously, this is the stuff that cracks me up.

So for better or worse, here you have it.

1. Merritt's impersonation of a ventriloquist. If I ever get video of it, I'm SO posting it here.

2. Ricky Bobby (I never claimed to be sophisticated, people.)

3. Listening to Mama or Sister tell a story, especially when they imitate other people's voices.

4. "Arrested Development" - but it was cancelled, so I'm replacing it with "The Office"

5. Being anywhere with Daphne or Elise. Whenever I'm around them, I laugh until I cry.

6. The scene in "Urban Cowboy" where Bud and Sissy are having wedding pictures made and she looks down at her cowboy boots (underneath her wedding dress, no less) and says, "Mama, my legs are sweatin'."

7. Toonces, The Cat Who Could Drive A Car

8. Funny Southern expressions

9. The Sweeney Sisters

10. This "Saturday Night Live" skit (until the part where they start planning what they're doing after they leave the bar, and then it goes a little overboard). But "sandal-related foot cramp"? That's humor.

11. The scene in "Coal Miner's Daughter" where Doo opens up the screen door, throws Loretta's home-cooked meal on the porch, and then whistles for the dogs.

12. Guffman

13. Ron Burgundy - and I'm actually not a big Will Ferrell fan, though this list certainly seems to indicate otherwise.

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