Wednesday, May 10, 2006

And Now, The Interactive Portion Of Our Programming

Don't overthink - just answer in the comments, por favor.

1. Three favorite TV shows

2. Three favorite beauty products

3. Three favorite foods (and/or beverages)

4. Three favorite restaurants

5. Three favorite authors (and you can't say "God - because He wrote the Bible" - I know you all love Him, but this is not Miss America, so you don't have to impress the judges) :-)

6. Three favorite places

And mine, just for the record:

1. Y'all know there's no way I can pick just three, so here are my top five: 24, Alias, Paula's Home Cooking, Oprah (but only when she features celebrities, makeovers, or inspirational stories), American Idol

2. Okay, four: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil shampoo, Arbonne skin care system (I know that's about 8 separate items, but they're all in one convenient package), Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus & Spearmint ANYTHING, the Sarah Jessica Parker perfume that I wear (I just had to use Google to remember that the name of it is "Lovely")

3. DIET COKE, steak (preferably a filet cooked by my brother on the grill), coffee with 2 Equals and a splash of 1/2 & 1/2

4. Ninfa's in Baton Rouge, Palace Cafe' in New Orleans, Jim N Nick's right here in Birmingham

5. Jennifer Weiner, Patricia Cornwell, Harper Lee

6. Home, Destin, Nashville

Don't be shy, opinionated friends-o-mine. :-)


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