Sunday, May 07, 2006

Per Daphne's Suggestion, I'm Re-Titling This Post "You Take The Good, You Take The Bad"

I got a little tickled when I saw the Blessed Beyond Measure sidebar:

Do y'all see that?

Do you see?

It's me. Right next to Blair Warner.


I mean, she was the coolest.

Well, technically Jo was the coolest, but the girly-girl in me was always drawn to Blair...with her perfectly coiffed hair and ever-present strand of pearls. Natalie was funny and all, but she never could deliver a punchline without laughing a little bit herself.

But Blair - well, she had it all.

The only thing that could be cooler?

Sitting on a blogroll next to Tootie.

But I don't think she blogs.


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