Thursday, May 11, 2006

I Know I Can Be Vague At Times, But This Is Ridiculous

Last night I was looking over my Bloglines subscriptions, and I thought, "Hey, I wonder what sites Bloglines recommends to people who read BooMama?"

The first four or five listings I totally understood. It listed several blogs I read: Addie's, Blair's, Maria's, Jeana's, etc.

And then the list got a little more, um, interesting.

I provide you with photographic evidence - look at the part below the "mama blogs."

Now I ask you: is my writing so cryptic that Bloglines is forced to compare it to blogs posted in other languages?

Does the Bloglines computer scan my content and essentially see, "gibberish gibberish gibberish," run a few quick commands and formulas and then conclude, "OH! That corresponds to this blog that's written in Mandarin"?

It's either that - or there are a whole lot of Asian BooMamas out there.


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