Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Let's Agree To Pretend There's A Narrative Here

1. Brenda's post about pronouns cracks me up. It is right up my grammatical alley, because Sister and I (not "me and Sister") have had MANY conversations about common (mis)usages that drive us (not we) crazy. My personal pet peeve is when people use the "and I" construction incorrectly, and Brenda does a wonderful job of addressing the rules with a little Southern flair.

There was an adorable girl on Amazing Race a couple of seasons ago who was The Worst "and I" Offender EVER: "I'm so proud of Jon and I...They were really rude to Jon and I...I really feel that the race brought Jon and I closer together." And all of those examples drove I bananas. :-)

[A brief aside: I was about to go on a tear about why I cannot stand the use of the word "myself" as anything but an intensifier ("I myself have never experienced that" is fine from time to time...however, "that's between Sister and myself" is kind of obnoxious), but then I realized that, you know, nobody cares. You can take the girl out of the English department....]

2. Oprah's "Legends" special - anybody see it? At first I was all, "Oh, here Oprah goes, talking about 'energy' and 'power' and getting all New Age-y on me," but I must admit that the way she honored the women who have gone before her - Cicely Tyson, Tina Turner, Maya Angelou, etc. - was very touching. I loved the footage of the gospel brunch - I would have HAD ME SOME CHURCH if I had been there. Which I wasn't. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it because I wasn't invited.

Anyway, David and I estimated that the whole Legends celebration probably cost AT LEAST five or six hundred dollars. Okay, maybe a smidge more.

3. I mention my friend Emma Kate just about every other day in my posts, it seems. Well, I've been holding back with a little EK info because I didn't feel like it was time to share, mainly because I didn't think that she and her hubby were ready to share. And this is all starting to sound very much like a pregnancy announcement, so let me just go ahead and apologize if you were reaching for some yellow yarn and getting ready to start on some baby booties. Because that's not the news.

And there's not really ANY news to speak of, because this is actually a very circuitous route to a prayer request.

EK and Brad have been meeting with about 12 other people to pray and study and see if God might be leading them to start a new church in the town where they live in Mississippi. They have a vision - a God-given vision, to be clear - for a church that is rock-solid doctrinally and theologically but different, especially in terms of worship and programming, from anything else where they live.

This is not a fly-by-night deal...this is a result of several years of prayer and a genuine desire to be faithful to what God is calling them to do. And in case you're wondering if they really have what it takes to be on this path, I can assure you EK and Brad study the Bible like nobody's business. Let me put it this way: when I get in the car, I crank up my music, but when they get in the car, they crank up preachers like Andy Stanley or Ed Young or Louie Giglio. They know their stuff.

So here's the thing (THANK GOODNESS, you're thinking, that she finally has a point). They need your prayers. They truly believe that for this vision to come to fruition, they must first have God's man. They have the resources to attract someone of the highest caliber, but obviously God has to turn that man's heart toward Tupelo. If you would pray for that, I know EK and Brad would appreciate it. Their group is meeting tonight, and they are at a real fork in the road in terms of what comes next. The next few weeks are going to be HUGE for them, and wisdom and discernment will be key.

4. Newest Google search that made me laugh out loud? "mama de nemo"

So in case the searcher is still lurking around, let me see if I can help using my, er, increasingly limited abilities in Spanish.

La mama de Nemo es muerto. La mama de Nemo fue comida para un "Jaws." Lo siento mucho. Marlin es un padre excelente. Tambien, Dory es una "amiga especial" de Marlin al fin de la pelicula.


Gracias, y hasta luego.


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