Monday, May 22, 2006

Got It Goin' On? Like Donkey Kong?

Last night when I was going through Site Meter to see if anyone had actually visited the blog while I wasn't writing (and y'all did! You did!), I noticed that several people had reached my blog via queries on a search engine. It was the first time this has happened...and totally entertaining to me.

Now I completely understand why one search led the Googler here:

I mean, I have made my admiration for Mr. Giglio known a time or nine over the last two or three months. I'm sort of flattered, actually, that my blog is forever linked to his name.

And since Wes over there in the sidebar sings for the Gaithers, I understand why I got this one:

By the way, I have no idea why Candy left. Maybe Candy got tired of life on the road. I dunno. Fingers crossed that there were no hurt feelings.

This next one was no mystery at all, and I almost wish that the searcher had stuck around so that I could have provided an answer:

The truth is, the dog's name is Gertie, but she's not Paula's dog (scandalous, isn't it?). In one of the issues of Paula's magazine, she confesses that Gertie belongs to her producer, and get this: the old set wasn't her real kitchen in Savannah. It was her producer's kitchen in upstate New York. Can y'all believe that? I felt that I'd somehow been deceived, because everything on television is real, right? :-)

See, that searcher was at the right place and didn't even know it.

And this one? Oh, it did tickle me:

If I had caught the searcher in time, I would have directed him / her here. Or here. I'm not really a Trace Adkins fan, but since David did see him in Dairy Queen a few months ago, well, we're practically cousins.

So to you Louie / Candy / Paula / Trace seekers out there, I hope you found what you were looking for.

Y'all come back real soon, ya hear?


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