Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More Fun Than Blogging Girls Should Be Allowed

First, we had a ball in Savannah. I need a couple of days to process my thoughts so that I can sufficiently wax poetic about Paula's collard greens and candied yams, because OH MY WORD they were delicious. In fact, the candied yams were so good that I had to call my mama from the table. Seriously. And I'm pretty sure that I've never felt more Southern than I did when I said, "Mama. You know how I'm in Savannah? Well, we're at Paula Deen's restaurant, and her candied yams are SO GOOD, Mama. I just wanted to tell you that."

And the sweet tea was delicious. Because I KNOW all you Southern girls are wondering. Honestly, I think of all the concerns I had about finally going to The Lady and Sons (what if it doesn't live up to the hype, what if the food's not good, etc.), the biggest possible letdown would have been if Paula's sweet tea wasn't good. But it was perfection. Just the right color. Two big chunks of fresh lemon. A little sprig of mint. And bottomless. Perfection.

Second, I'm a little, er, behind on answering email, reading comments, mailing out links for the Tour of Homes (by the way, I told the girls on our trip that when I originally posted the Tour of Homes idea, I honestly thought that 15, maybe 20 people would participate. Seriously. So when I got home today and checked comments for that post, I'm pretty sure that my mouth fell down to the floor and only returned to its proper place a few minutes ago). :-) Anyway, I'll get all of those details taken care of by the end of the week - so thanks in advance for your patience.

And just in case a few of you are confused about how the Tour of Homes will work, here's a little reminder. I will not post everyone's pictures here on my blog. I will LINK to everyone's post with pictures here. So you'll get your pictures posted on your own blog on July 27th, then pop in over here and add your name and URL to a Mr. Linky list. If you're not sure what that means, take a look at how Shannon handles Works For Me Wednesday here. It's really pretty simple.

Third, after about five days away from my people, I need to see my little family. And squeeze them tight. And snuggle.

So I'll see y'all tomorrow. :-)


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