Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Works For Me Wednesday - My Little Black Book

No, not THAT kind. :-)

Every Sunday our church provides us a little sheet of paper with a sermon outline. And it's great, until the little slips of paper start filling up your Bible and falling out in your car and curling around the edges.

So I went to Walmart, bought a little plastic binder that's the size of the sheets - and voila - instant sermon journal.

In the front I keep the outlines, in chronogical order, of course (would you expect anything less from this OCD girl?)

In the back I have blank notebook paper - because sometimes we don't get outlines when we have a guest speaker and because I typically need more room than those little outlines allow.

In the front pocket I keep my Scripture index cards, a pen, and maybe an outline or two that need reinforcements over the holes or that I want to look over again.

And then, in the back pocket, I keep a notepad with my name on it. We go to a big church, and if I find myself in a conversation with a visitor or in a meeting with people I don't know very well, the personalized notepad enables me to jot down whatever information they need from me - and prevents them from having to wonder, "Hey, who was that woman who wrote down the chicken and wild rice casserole recipe for me?"

But my favorite thing about my little black book? It's something we can pass down to the little man one day - all sorts of Biblical wisdom in one convenient little notebook.

And that most definitely works for me.


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