Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Buck Wild

Since Mama is still with us, BooDaddy and I took the opportunity to have a little date night last night. We went to see Syriana, and despite the fact that all I've heard is how confusing it is and that there's no way to understand it, I actually enjoyed it and followed along quite nicely, thank you very much. However, the more I've thought about it today, the more I've wondered if there was some big Message that I missed altogether, given my propensity for overlooking the obvious. Regardless, it gets two thumbs up from us (disclaimer: Sister, you will HATE IT with the fury of a thousand suns, so please do not watch it / rent it / remotely consider it. You will think that it's a bunch of morally compromised people who make bad decisions and shouldn't be surprised when life doesn't turn out like they'd hoped. So STAY AWAY).

Anyway, I called Mama to check on Boo in between the movie and dinner, and here was the update:
- He took his clothes off. Twice. Both times he removed his diaper, and one time he tee-tee'd on the floor.
- He figured out how to dismantle the childproof things on the doorknobs, and at one point, she looked up to find the back door wide open and Alex on the deck. But he was clothed.
- He remembered where David put the clicky-stick that we used to light the birthday candles, and the next thing Mama knew, he was at the counter, trying to ignite the candles on the birthday cake with said lighting device. I do believe child-proofing features would have prevented him from doing undue damage, although look what he did to the doorknobs, so said lighting device is now far, far out of reach.
- He wanted to go for a walk (no surprise there), so he showed Mama around the neighborhood. She said it was the most she'd walked "in years." That child would walk to Tuscaloosa if I would only turn him loose.
- He shouted and waved at every single car that passed.
- Once they got back home and he got a bath, he walked downstairs and proceeded to take off his pajamas. The diaper, however, remained intact.
- He ran, constantly, from the den to the kitchen to the den to the kitchen, all the while shouting something indecipherable.

Alex's Mother's Day Out teacher told me about a month ago that his personality was changing...I guess that means he moved from being extroverted to WAY OFF THE CHARTS extroverted, because he's always been a little people person. He has gotten considerably louder in the last month...all kinds of new noises and EXCLAMATIONS and "OH MY GOODNESS MAMA I CANNOT BELIEVE IT." So his behavior yesterday didn't seem all that out of line - it just sounded like he was more wound up than usual.

And why do you think that was? Could it possibly, maybe, have had something to do with what he had to eat yesterday? You be the judge.

But first, another disclaimer: I'm not complaining at all - my personal belief is that a grandparent has complete rights and entitlements to feed a grandchild whatever he or she desires, barring allergies or health issues, because grandparents are not in the business of being bad guys. Mama was quick to tell me that Alex "kept saying he was hungry." I personally think the young lad saw an opportunity and capitalized on it.

Anyway, here's the list:

- (2) Shipley's donuts (BooDaddy stopped there on his way back from the surgeon's office Monday in a fit of no-surgery glee)
- pancakes - with syrup, of course
- Cheetos - the canister is now empty, my friends
- hot dogs
- (2) 20 oz. bottles of Sprite
- Juicy Juice - I'm not sure of how much but I know there's not a drop left
- birthday cake with chocolate icing

This information, I feel, offers some insight into all the shouting and nudity.

He was aped up on sugar. LOTS of sugar.

Which means, unfortunately for him, one thing and one thing only.

When Mama goes home tomorrow, he starts detox.


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