Wednesday, May 31, 2006

For My Anniversary I Got...

...a headache! Seriously! The kind that sends you to the doctor!

Now what I had today was not a full-blown migraine, to be sure - I never threw up, and I eventually got to the point where I could drive myself to the doctor (and I know full well that when Sister has her migraines, she can't sit up long enough to find her keys, much less get herself in a moving vehicle and operate it). But because I've only had about four headaches in my life, and because today's was the worst of the lot, I was convinced that I was dying. And oh, after today, do all you migraine sufferers ever have my sympathy. I don't know how you ever find a space quiet enough to recover.

I had a twinge of behind-the-eye throbbing when I got up this morning, but I'd slept a little later than usual, so I thought maybe I was having some caffeine withdrawal. Then Alex and I headed to the zoo with some friends, and I medicated myself with a large diet Coke, thinking surely to goodness the caffeine would work its magic. But by lunchtime I had a pretty clear understanding that caffeine would not be the cure-all...and I wanted to get home. Fast.

The funny thing (and I say "funny" because, really, you have to laugh to keep from crying) about having a headache with a three year old in the house is that children pretty much do the opposite of everything you need. When I finally found a position on the couch that didn't make me feel like my left eye was going to detach from my head, Alex took care of me by screaming things like, "ARE YOU OKAY, MAMA? ARE YOU SICK?" while he climbed up my legs so that he could pummel me gently on the shoulder.

After about 30 minutes of that, I knew I was out of my headache league, and I called the doctor to see if he'd phone in a prescription - which he wouldn't, because since I've never been a headache sufferer before, he wanted to see me. Of all the doctors in the land, I have to have the one who's "sensible" and "responsible" - even though this was a day when I would have preferred one of those doctors who fills up your purse with a veritable cornucopia of narcotic samplers. A pain-killer buffet, if you will.

After another hour on the couch, I had been still long enough so that my head was what mama used to call "easy," and I now understand that by "easy" she meant that the elves in my temple that had formerly been using sledgehammers to pound the area behind my left eye had switched to regular hammers, and it was really so much better, relatively speaking. So off we went to the doctor's office.

Long story long - the headache was the result of a particularly nasty sinus infection, and after a shot of some delightful medication called deca-somethingorother, I am pain free. A little woozy, to be sure, but happy beyond measure that those pesky elves behind my eyeball have been sedated.

And you know what's even better? I have some really cute pictures of A. at the zoo. Wanna see?

Our zoo has a really big area where the water shoots up from the pavement, and oh, the joy that filled Alex's was so fun watching him. It was extra fun because the tables and chairs for the parents are in the shade, oh thank you Jesus.

And it makes me happy that carousels are still in vogue with the toddler set - nothing beats those sweet smiles.

So I'm going to take a hot bath with some rosemary mint stuff I found in the pharmacy (I love me some aromatherapy), and hopefully will be a brand new woman tomorrow.

At the very least I'll be clean and medicated. Everybody needs a goal.


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